"Life is supposed to be fun!"
-- Jerry Hicks

Diana Dring, founder of The Art of Allowing Natural Order, has been exploring issues related to life balance, well being, self-empowerment, and personal effectiveness for her entire career. She brings a multi-dimensional presence to her work as a personal coach, organization consultant, Law of Attraction teacher and sustainable business consultant.

Diana incorporates elements of many traditional and alternative body-mind practices into her unique classes and sessions with clients -- including meditation, guided movement, affirmation, self-inquiry, conscious breathing, intentional energy management, emotional-mental-physical body response correlation awareness, and other tools.

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 The Art of Allowing Natural Order
Resources for fostering simplicity, wellness, and balanced living in harmony with Nature

Nature doesn't "work hard" or struggle to be Nature.
Nature simply allows itself to be whatever it is, and expand effortlessly
toward becoming and expressing ever more of its authentic self.
As integral components of the Natural Order of our planet and universe,
we humans were meant to follow this model...

*  Our Bodies were meant to function with ease, grace and energy efficiency.
*  Our Minds were meant to inspire us into enthusiastic action.

*  Our Emotions
were meant to guide us to our joy.
*  Our Environments
were meant to be sanctuaries that support and reflect
     our prosperity.

*  Our Soul, Spirit, Source, by whatever name you call it, is a fountain of Eternal Wellness in which all the other levels of consciousness play, and...

    You can use it to create any experience you desire.

                 How Natural Order Coaching

                     helps you Master The Art of Allowing...

Natural Order Coaching was created to help you align with the eternal flow of wellness, by synchronizing the communication between your body, mind, emotions and environment, so all levels of your consciousness cooperate in allowing you to experience life with greater joy and ease.

Natural Order Coaching services utilize a unique blend of...

* The Law of Attraction principles taught by Abraham-Hicks (visit
* Higher Self Awareness Embodiment tools drawn from many
leading edge body-mind teachers
* Personal Organization practices to simplify and harmonize your relationship to time, space and possessions, which Diana Dring has developed over more than 20 years of helping people "sort things out."

    Natural Order Coaching offers...

*  Private Coaching by appointment, for support with personal wellness, life balance and prosperity issues.  Contact us to schedule a 45 minute Free Introductory Session.

"Art of Allowing" Teleconferences for people committed to creating their lives intentionally, who also want the support of group synergy.  We invite you to sample one of our calls at no charge.  Click here to sign up for our newsletter and upcoming class announcements.

*  Experiential Deep Relaxation Classes and Private Lessons. Enhance your physical comfort and wellness, release entrenched self-defeating habitual stress responses, and expand your personal confidence and power. 

*  Organization Consulting & Personal Effectiveness Coaching  to realize higher levels of order, simplicity, ease and enjoyment in your lifestyle and professional pursuits. This service includes clearing clutter; creating harmonious, efficient living and working spaces; implementing simple systems for managing time, information and other resources -- and coaching to establish more productive personal habits. 

Strategic Planning for Holistic Business Expansion or Profitability Turn-around. Ask us for more details about this customized service.

The Secret of Intentional Wealth  CD and DVD program. This amazing product by professional coach Margaret Lynch is the definitive guide to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping. In it Margaret guides you through exactly how to break through layers of unconscious barriers to success, wellness and personal freedom. Click here to find out more about the full course. For a free Tapping for Money 5 video mini-course, click here.

To schedule your complementary coaching session, call or email us.
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We look forward to connecting with you!


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